eHeads #10: A Milestone Meetup Celebrating Innovation and Community in Tech

April marked a significant milestone for the eHeads community with the successful completion of eHeads #10, held at Likha-iT Inc. This event not only celebrated the culmination of ten outstanding gatherings but also highlighted the invaluable contributions of key players in the technology sector, including CTOs, Heads of Engineering, and Engineering Managers from both startups and major companies.

Jan Aaron Angelo Lee: Building and Scaling on Google Cloud Platform

Jan Aaron Angelo Lee from Swarm provided a deep dive into leveraging the Google Cloud Platform for building and scaling effective tech solutions. His talk focused on strategic decision-making in cloud environments, highlighting how to optimize resources for the different stages of a startup. His insights were particularly valuable for startups looking to harness cloud technologies optimizing for innovation.

Paolo Enrico Melendres: The Manager's Odyssey

Paolo Enrico Melendres from CWT captivated the audience with his presentation, “The Manager’s Odyssey: Stories from the shift from IC to Engineering Leader.” He shared practical tips on engineering management, highlighting how nurturing these relationships is key to enhancing team performance and achieving sustained development. His insights provided invaluable guidance for engineering managers aiming to create a culture of open communication and continuous improvement.

Paul Cheong: Facets of Observability

Paul Cheong of Datadog delivered an engaging talk on “Facets of Observability,” exploring how comprehensive monitoring tools and practices are crucial for maintaining system reliability and performance. He outlined best practices in implementing observability to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues rapidly.

Looking Ahead

eHeads is excited to announce several new initiatives aimed at further strengthening the Filipino tech industry. These include professional retreats for deep-dive discussions, a mentorship program to foster the next generation of tech leaders, and exclusive SaaS discounts to empower our community with the best tools available.


Our next event is scheduled for June 21, and we invite all interested parties to mark their calendars. For those eager to join future events and stay updated on eHeads activities, please follow our LinkedIn page.


Join us as we continue to lead the way in shaping the future of Filipino tech leadership!


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