From Vision to Reality: The Journey to Achieving the Dream

The Endless Question Marks

Five years ago, I was one of the fortunate graduates who landed a job right after my studies. However, my joy was tinged with reflective thoughts. I often pondered, “Is this truly what I want, or is it simply the opportunity I happened to have at the time?” This uncertainty about my career path was a constant companion, a feeling many of you can relate to.


The questioning doesn’t stop there. Let me give you an overview: I’ve worked with five companies over the past five years. Disclaimer: I’ve only resigned once; the other transitions were due to end of contracts. Despite my ability to secure jobs easily, they also vanish just as quickly. This made me wonder why I couldn’t land a stable job like others in my field. Moreover, I’ve noticed a recurring pattern of getting quickly bored in my roles. Initially, I was excited about starting a new job. Still, after 2 to 3 months, fatigue and boredom kicked in, leading me to question whether recruitment was the career path I wanted to pursue.

Slowly Fading

As my career journey unfolded, I found myself at a point where hope began to wane. I decided to work in a BPO company as a call center agent, hoping this would be where my fortunes lie. However, things went differently as expected. Even though I tried my best, I couldn’t succeed, and I started feeling disappointed. But I didn’t give up. I continued to navigate my career without any clear goals, career plans, or signs of progress. All I cared about then was having a job and getting paid.

Finally, Achieving the Dream

Fast forward to 2023, and despite having no clear career goals, I became selective when looking for a job. I tried to find something unrelated to recruitment, but luck kept leading me back to it. One company caught my interest because of its unique benefits, especially during the probationary period. However, I hesitated because it was a Japanese company, and I was unsure about their traditional work culture. But my gut told me, “Why not try?”


I was lucky to get invited for an initial interview. The interviewer was very cheerful and passionate about the company, which made me more interested. But having been a recruiter myself, I knew that part of the job was promoting the company, and I wondered, “What if the job isn’t as good as it sounds?”


After the initial interview, I had a second and final HR interview. I was so nervous during the last interview that I felt I hadn’t done well. I didn’t expect to get the job, but two days later, I got an unexpected call—I got the job!


I went through the usual process of signing contracts, submitting documents, and completing pre-employment tasks. On my first day, as I stood before the office door, I hoped this job would be the right fit. My first day went well, and so did the following days. And now, who would have thought I would be celebrating my first anniversary with the company?

Life @Likha

My journey from questioning career paths to finding fulfillment at Likha-iT has significantly reshaped my perspective on career goals and aspirations. Initially, I was uncertain about my professional direction, but my experiences at Likha-iT have underscored the importance of aligning my work with my passions and values. This alignment has led to a deeper satisfaction and purpose in my career. It’s a reminder of the importance of seeking such alignment in your career. Moreover, the supportive and dynamic environment at Likha-iT has taught me the value of adaptability and continuous learning, reinforcing that career paths can evolve in unexpected and rewarding ways. This journey has ultimately guided me to focus on personal growth and long-term fulfillment rather than immediate success.


Likha-iT has exceeded my expectations of an “ideal company.” It promotes a work-life balance culture that is uncommon in the Philippines. During my probationary period at Likha-iT, I discovered several unique benefits that greatly enriched my experience with the company: supportive colleagues who check on you and management who appreciates, recognizes, and supports you both personally and professionally. The ability to choose between a housing or transportation subsidy based on individual needs was especially valuable, providing flexibility and assistance with daily commuting expenses. The immediate access to an HMO upon starting was reassuring, highlighting the company’s dedication to employee health and well-being right from the outset. I also found the annual optical reimbursement and monthly Mercury Drug gift certificates beneficial, as they supported healthcare expenses and contributed to financial stability. The Team Activities Reimbursement Application (TARA) was another standout, allowing us to budget monthly for team activities, fostering team spirit and a positive workplace atmosphere. What impressed me most, however, were the extensive training and development opportunities provided by Likha-iT. The company emphasized continuous learning and covered training costs, alleviating financial concerns and enabling us to concentrate fully on personal and professional growth. This holistic approach to employee development was invaluable during my probation, laying a solid foundation for my career within the organization. Likha-iT’s flexible working hours and hybrid setup are the most beneficial aspects of its work-life balance culture. These policies allow me to manage my time effectively, reduce commuting stress, and balance work and personal life. This support enhances my professional well-being by boosting my productivity, job satisfaction, and overall mental health. Everything I was looking for in a job is here, and it has all been worth it. All my previous doubts and hesitations led me to achieve the dream I had been waiting for my entire life. From that moment, as I continued to grow with the company, I realized that not everything goes as planned, but if something is meant for you, it will find its way to you.

When I joined Likha-iT, I had certain expectations about my role based on the job description and initial discussions. I expected to be involved in specific tasks related to my expertise, and I anticipated a collaborative and supportive work environment. My role has aligned with these expectations in many ways, particularly in terms of the promised responsibilities and opportunities for growth. However, it has also differed in some respects, as I’ve encountered unexpected challenges and opportunities that have pushed me to adapt and learn new skills. Overall, the experience has been more dynamic and rewarding than anticipated.


Working in this kind of environment had a significant impact on how I view work culture and career development. It taught me the value of discipline, attention to detail, and striving to improve. The strong influence of the Japanese work ethic, focused on dedication, punctuality, and responsibility, made me understand the need for excellence and efficiency in everything I do. I also learned to appreciate teamwork and collective success, which fostered a collaborative spirit and mutual support in the workplace. This experience emphasized the importance of continuous learning and adaptability, motivating me to pursue personal and professional growth. The lessons I learned from this work culture have become central to how I approach my career, making me a more disciplined, detail-oriented, and team-focused professional.


Moving forward, I envision contributing to Likha-iT’s growth and success by leveraging my HR skills to enhance employee experience and streamline the current processes. I plan to introduce innovative HR strategies to attract and retain top talent, ensure continuous professional development, and foster a collaborative and inclusive work culture. Additionally, I aim to drive initiatives that align with the company’s strategic goals, optimize operational efficiency, and support sustainable growth. By staying proactive and adaptable, I hope to play a key role in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities for Likha-iT’s continued success.

Embracing Chaos and Overcoming Doubts

We all found ourselves imagining the “perfect company,” the “perfect role,” or even the “perfect workmates.” We all envision a workplace where our skills are valued, our efforts recognized, and our colleagues inspire us to be our best selves. This vision drives us forward and motivates us to chase after our career goals.


But let’s be honest – the journey to achieving these ideals is far from easy. The path is filled with twists, turns, and unexpected obstacles that can make us feel like we’re navigating through chaos. We face adversity and uncertainty, making it a true rollercoaster of emotions.


Yet, amid all this chaos, there lies a beautiful opportunity for growth. By overcoming these challenges, our vision starts to take root and grow. Each obstacle we conquer strengthens our resilience, enhances our adaptability, and ignites our passion, ultimately shaping the future we’ve always envisioned.


Hold onto hope if you’re overwhelmed by the challenges of pursuing your dreams. Questioning your career path is normal—it’s part of everyone’s journey. Embrace change; setbacks are stepping stones to success. Trust that things will fall into place with time. The challenges you’re facing now will ultimately help you grow and discover your true potential.

Remember, the road to your ideal career may have bumps, but each experience shapes your journey toward personal fulfillment. Keep dreaming, keep pushing forward, and believe in the power of perseverance to turn your aspirations into reality.