Global Spirit

Good communication and trust can be quickly built when you work closely with people locally and share the same office space. However, more businesses have relied on a diversified workforce to thrive in today’s global economy. Since the pandemic’s start, employees from different geographical forces have grown common and have only doubled in size.

Global Engineering Team

In early 2022, freee formed a global engineering team that brings together people from many cultures with a wide range of work experiences and viewpoints on strategic and organizational issues.

Upon joining Likha-iT in May 2022, I saw how Likha-iT members and freeers have been working closely. It became evident how crucial regular and frequent communication is for a successful global team. Because no matter how advanced our technologies get, human interactions are still part of fostering trust and good relationships. 

Because of this, the Global Spirit was planned.

Global Spirit is an initiative to promote a sense of oneness and togetherness in the Global Engineering Team despite being diverse in race, language, and culture. Through this in-person gathering, it has acted as a venue to communicate and form a mutual understanding of the Global Engineering Team’s mission and vision. During the event, we felt that we are a single entity.

For most of us, it was our first time to travel abroad for a business trip, and to say we were overjoyed would be an understatement. It’s fun to remember how everyone was willing to participate in the activities we prepared.

Looking back, I am so thankful to be a part of a team where everyone is incredibly supportive. 

The first-ever Global Spirit was a success, although there is still room for improvement in the future. During the program, we asked for the participants’ takeaways using the Wheel of Chance. Now, I’ll be sharing my takeaways.

Understanding our purpose.

As a team, the purpose of the Global Engineering team was communicated to us. But for me, it is entirely another experience to be in a room full of people, feeling their energy and eagerness about the goals we want to achieve in the future. 

Meeting the person behind the Slack photo.

I know how advanced our technology has become. Being connected to the internet allows us to talk with anyone worldwide. But nothing beats in-person communication and collaborations. With the Global Spirit, we had a chance to share stories and ideas personally. It’s a nice change of pace from daily meetings online.

By creating the Global Spirit, we have had the opportunity to build rapport with everyone. It’s not merely about getting to know each other, but it also translates to building more confidence in sharing ideas about projects in the future. If everyone feels that their teams are safe spaces for them to share, it will bring about more productivity and help generate ideas for possible problems they may encounter. As a part of the Global Engineering team, this event has dramatically changed how we perceive each other. With the Global Spirit, we got to eliminate a few communication blockers. We’re already looking forward to the next one!