April Adventures at Likha: Feast, Food, and Fun!

April at Likha was full of excitement, with many events that brought out the fun and festive spirit in all of us. From the exciting icebreaker games to a lively celebration of Filipino culture, April was packed with activities that built solid bonds and created lasting memories. Here’s a look at the highlights of our April events.

T-Shirt: ON

We kicked off April with a fun icebreaker game! The challenge was to put on a T-shirt 👕 without letting the balloon 🎈 touch the ground. Who knew getting dressed could be this entertaining? 😆

Pista sa Likha 2024 🇵🇭

Likha celebrated Filipino Food Month with our Pista sa Likha event this April. It was a day filled with joy and nostalgia as we played classic childhood toys such as “Pogs,” “Teks,” and “Jackstone,” and iconic games like “Chinese Garter,” “Sipa,” and “Pabitin.” And what’s a Filipino feast without a boodle fight? We savored different Filipino dishes, including Lechon, and indulged in sorbetes. It was a joyful occasion, like celebrating fiestas all over the Philippines.



Balloooon Game 🎈

To wrap up the month, we played “Balloooon Game!” Employees split into two teams; each got a balloon, and we formed lines. The first player ran from point A to point B and back, while the second player pushed the balloon on the back of the first player before taking their turn. It was a fun and energetic event, full of laughter and cheers!

April at Likha was filled with fun, food, and fantastic memories. We can’t wait to see what next month brings! 🙌💗