Celebrating Action, Inclusion, and Mental Wellness at Likha-iT Inc.

March is a special month for us as we celebrate our “Output → Think” culture. We believe in taking action first and then figuring out how

to make things even better later. It’s all about jumping into action instead of waiting for everything to be perfect. Let’s dive into the

exciting events that unfolded this month!


The month started with an exciting icebreaker game called “Spideramid,” where players built pyramids blindfolded using cups and strings, showcasing excellent teamwork and communication skills. Using cups and strings, it all came down to coordination and technique. Who do you think finished on top? 👀

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we showed appreciation for our female colleagues by pampering them with self-care vouchers. Like this year’s IWD theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” Likha is dedicated to supporting and uplifting women in our workplace and striving for a more inclusive environment for everyone.


Tower Wars

Tower Wars took our teamwork and creativity to new heights! It wasn’t just about constructing towers; it was about showcasing engineering prowess and working together effectively. This event truly exemplifies our “Output → Think” culture, emphasizing the power of action over seeking perfection. Five teams tried their hardest to build their towers, but only one came out on top! Indeed, our employees didn’t just build towers; this activity strengthened their problem-solving skills and made the team spirit stronger.


Mental Health Training Sessions with Argao Psych

Our Mental Health Training Sessions with Argao Psych were incredibly insightful. We learned how to create safe spaces for discussing mental health, support each other through open communication, and implement strategies to foster a supportive workplace. The two-day training also talked about understanding mental health at work, finding healthy ways to cope, being positive in discipline, and starting mental health programs. We’re grateful for the invaluable insights and expertise shared with us by Argao Psych. Together, let’s continue to champion mental health wellness in the workplace!

Likha-iT gained GPTW Certification

If you want to learn more about our journey to becoming a Great Place to Work-Certified™ organization, check out our blog Likha-iT is a Certified Great Place to Work!. You may also take a look of our certification profile at GPTW – Likha-iT Inc.

As we bid farewell to March, let’s carry the spirit of teamwork, creativity, and support forward into the coming months. Together, we’ll continue to make Likha a place where everyone thrives!