Likha-iT Inc. is a Certified Great Place to Work!

At Likha-iT, we’ve always believed that our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we’ve prioritized creating a positive work environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered. We’re thrilled to share incredible news emphasizing our commitment to our team’s well-being. 


Over the past month, our HR team spearheaded the initiative to seek feedback from our members through the renowned Great Place to Work survey. This comprehensive survey, which includes questions about our company’s culture, leadership, and employee experiences, was designed to provide an accurate reflection of our workplace. This initiative not only aimed to seek external recognition but also to gain invaluable insights into our company culture and the experiences of our team members.


Fast forward to today, and we’re over the moon to announce that our efforts have paid off in the most spectacular way possible! Drumroll, please… 🥁

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Likha-iT Inc. has achieved a significant milestone. Starting March 27, 2024, we have been officially certified as a Great Place to Work! This is a testament to our shared values and the exceptional work environment we’ve created together.


Earning this certification is a testament to our collective effort and commitment. It requires achieving a minimum employee rating of 65%, and we are incredibly proud to share that our team has bestowed upon us an outstanding 97% rating. This certification isn’t just a badge of honor; it reflects the remarkable workplace culture we’ve all contributed to.


According to the survey results, Likha-iT isn’t merely a workplace; it’s a sanctuary where employees can focus on their tasks without worrying about their well-being. We prioritize safety, celebrate milestones, and nurture a strong community among our team members.


Furthermore, equality is fundamental to us. Regardless of gender or race, every individual at Likha-iT is treated with fairness and respect. We ensure this by implementing policies that promote equal opportunities, providing diversity and inclusion training, and fostering a culture of respect and understanding. These actions contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where everyone can thrive. Additionally, we ensure that our employees have access to the resources and equipment they need to excel in their roles, empowering them to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.


While receiving such overwhelmingly positive feedback is gratifying, we understand that there’s always room for improvement. As HR professionals, it’s our unwavering commitment to listen attentively to our employees’ feedback and identify areas where we can do better. We’re dedicated to turning these insights into actionable plans to further enhance the overall employee experience at Likha-iT, ensuring a brighter future for all.


The Great Place to Work certification is just the beginning of our journey. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of each and every one of our team members.The real reward lies in our ongoing dedication to reflection, growth, and continuous improvement. Together, we’ll continue to strive for excellence, ensuring that Likha-iT remains not only a great place to work but the best place for each and every one of our valued team members.