Sharing Love and Building Connections through “Dare to Share” Commemoration

February marked more than just the season of love for Likha-iT Inc. It was a month filled with vibrant events and heartfelt activities, all centered around our “Dare to Share” corporate culture. As we embarked on a journey of camaraderie and understanding, here’s a glimpse into 

the memorable activities that brought us closer together:



Kicking off the month with a burst of energy, our teams engaged in the Relay-ta-Ball Icebreaker Game. With ping pong balls and paper strips in hand, employees collaborated to foster communication and teamwork. The reward? An early Valentine’s Day treat, sweetening the bond among colleagues.

Aribaku Day

Gratitude took center stage during Aribaku Day, a heartwarming initiative aimed at sharing appreciation to one another. Everyone sent out their heartfelt messages of gratitude to their colleagues and on February 14, these messages were received via email blast. The “Aribaku Corner” became a haven of sweetness, offering sweet treat to complement the outpouring of gratitude.


Tara, Usap Tayo: A Dare to Share Night

Building on our culture of openness and connection, the Dare to Share Commemoration was a highlight of the month. The event kicked off with the Send Some Love (SSL) Board, which provided a canvas for employees to express their gratitude and encouragement for one another.

IMG_5722 (1)

This led to the main event, Tara, Usap Tayo: A Dare to Share Night, where participants were given a safe space to share their thoughts, opinions and personal experiences in life with everyone in the workplace. The evening concluded with a “DIY” candle-light set-up where employees got more time to talk over pasta and pizza.

IMG_5735 (1)


Separation Anxiety

Testing everyone’s patience and teamwork, the Separation Anxiety Icebreaker Game brought out the competitive spirit in our employees. With nimble fingers and focused determination, teams raced against each other to separate the paper clips, proving that collaboration knows no bounds. Laughter echoed through the office as we celebrated victories and cherished moments of shared achievement.

Nosi Ba Lasi? (Sino Ba Sila?)

Embracing diversity and inclusion, our Japanese Expats took center stage in a special activity infused with Filipino culture. As part of our Dare to Share month, we’ve challenged our expats to share a bit about themselves using the Filipino language! Indeed, this activity fostered a deeper sense of belongingness within the company.


The memories created and the connections strengthened in February will surely continue to resonate within the halls of  Likha-iT Inc. Through shared experiences, heartfelt conversations, and a commitment to Dare to Share, we reaffirmed our values and strengthened the bonds that make our company a truly special place to belong.