Likha-iT X AWSUGP: “Vistuosos of the Cloud”

Sharing experience of well-experienced software engineers

As a software engineer eager to learn new technologies and how they work or function, tech events like this have piqued my interest. Not only I but also students and software engineers were invited to participate and also get the opportunity to learn how a successful IT company like freee k.k (“freee”) operates using AWS as one of their primary tech choices. Fortunately, we have the privilege of hosting Mr. Asaba, a former Director of Product Infrastructure from freee, who presently holds a managerial position at Likha-iT Inc. (“Likha-iT”). His presentation showed how to handle the problems of system scalability and organization scalability. For instance, when freee experienced a surge in user traffic, they encountered a bottleneck in their system. This prompted discussions on how to identify and resolve such issues, leading to the implementation of technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, and Argo CD. Security measures were also a key focus, ensuring the system operated as intended and safeguarded against malicious activities. freee uses Althena, bigquery, redash, zuora as a data platform on AWS. Issues like the development setup of the environment increased as engineers increased, which was solved by having an AWS  account where they could log into the AWS console with SAML. Services that run through docker images are easily accessible, connecting to the AWS  ec2 through SSH or SSM. The student’s perspective can be one of many choices they can take as they pursue their tech career. And for other software engineers, this might be part of the solution to their problem.

Riding the Wave of AWS AppSync: A Live Demo Experience

The second speaker, Mr. Arlou,  one of the members of AWSUG, discussed data delivery of AWS appsync capabilities and appsync with grapql API. He provided a live demo, walking us through the process of setting up an AWS AppSync project and demonstrating its key features. This included the use of GraphQL, a query language for APIs, and how it can be used to efficiently retrieve data from a server. He also compared GraphQL with REST API, highlighting the advantages of using GraphQL, such as its ability to solve overfetching issues that REST API  often faces. Request and response validation, also in appsync gateway, offers much more than the API Gateway. Mr. Arlou provided a demo on how easy and understandable coding of appsync serverless is.

Fun activities and engagement

Beyond the informative sessions, the event fostered a lively and engaging atmosphere through a lively question-and-answer portion, complete with prizes, and encouraged active participation from the attendees. Likha-iT provided food and drinks throughout the event. However, the true highlight was the post-event networking, where attendees and speakers could connect over beers. This informal setting was a breeding ground for idea sharing and mutual learning, reinforcing the sense of community and the importance of continuous learning in our tech careers.