Navigating Growth: My Journey as an Intern at Likha-iT Inc.

Reflecting on My Internship Journey at Likha-iT

My internship at Likha-iT was a great experience, and I learned a lot about software development. I got to work with Ruby on Rails and ReactJS and improve my problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and soft skills with the help of supportive mentors and colleagues. I had the opportunity to experience the software development processes during my internship, from participating in sprint planning and daily stand-ups to being involved in my first deployment with the team!

I’m proud of my contributions during my time at Likha-iT, particularly those to freee’s payroll and healthcare services, specifically stress check filter functionality and signup redirection. The experience has deepened my technical knowledge and broadened my understanding of collaborative teamwork and project management in a professional setting. It’s been a great experience that has prepared me for future challenges and opportunities in my career.

Overcoming Obstacles

I encountered several challenges during my internship that tested my problem-solving abilities and resilience. Adapting to new technologies, navigating a large codebase, and implementing effective unit testing using rspec, ruby’s testing library, were among the hurdles I faced. Through perseverance and seeking guidance from experienced team members, I overcame these obstacles and grew both technically and professionally.

Thriving in a Supportive Environment: Company Culture at Likha-iT

Likha-iT fosters a nurturing and inclusive culture where teamwork and collaboration thrive. I appreciated how everyone, regardless of their role, team, and department, was always willing to lend a helping hand and share knowledge. The company values work-life balance, encourages continuous learning, celebrates achievements, and creates an environment where personal growth and professional development are prioritized. They organize icebreaker games to help employees relax and prevent burnout, with food and prizes adding to the fun. Additionally, they hold monthly ‘TARA LUNCH’ sessions to strengthen team bonds and improve collaboration among team members.

Reflecting on Growth

This internship significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth. I improved my technical and soft skills, although I still have much to learn. The experience helped me identify areas for further development and assess my current skill set. My colleagues have inspired me to aim higher and succeed in this field. Despite their many years of experience in software engineering, their passion for software development remains strong. They are constantly eager to learn and accomplish more. Their dedication motivates me to strive for greatness and continuously improve myself.

Closing Thoughts

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from skilled professionals and contribute to Freee’s healthcare and payroll service. This experience has laid a strong foundation for my future career in software engineering and has inspired me to continue growing and learning in this dynamic field. I would like to express my gratitude to Likha-iT Inc. for allowing me to be part of this wonderful company that provides students like me with real-world experience in software development, to my teammates (Sir Gelo and Sir Laurence) who consistently assist me with tasks, even while managing their own deadlines, and also to my mentors (Sir Willand, Sir Matt, and keiii-san)  who always make time to check my progress and offer valuable advice. Thank you to Likha-iT for this opportunity and everyone who made this journey unforgettable

Advice for Future Interns

For future interns, I recommend approaching each day with curiosity and a willingness to learn. Define clear goals and actively seek opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills. Find the right company that aligns with your goals and interests.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek guidance from experienced colleagues, and they are invaluable resources for learning and growth. Embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and maintain a positive attitude throughout your internship.


“Stay hungry, stay foolish” ~ Steve Jobs