Building Bonds and Setting Goals at Likha-iT Inc. πŸ’™

As January drew to a close, our company geared up for a month filled with camaraderie-building activities and goal-setting endeavors. With a firm belief in fostering a supportive and motivated work environment, we kicked off the year with a series of events designed to strengthen team bonds and inspire them to aim for greatness in the year ahead.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Icebreaker Game


The month began with an energetic icebreaker activity that had everyone on their toes, quite literally! Employees were paired up and challenged to retrieve the “YanYan” placed in the table. The rules were simple, the first person to grab it would advance to the next round. This fun-filled game set the tone for the month ahead, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.

2024 Vision Board Making

With the spirit of goal-setting in mind, we organized a vision board making event that encouraged employees to visualize their aspirations for the year ahead. Armed with magazines, printed photos, illustration boards, and colored markers, everyone set out to create a visual representation of their goals and dreams for 2024. The activity wasn’t just about cutting and pasting; it was about manifesting dreams and aspirations into tangible representations. As each member shared their vision board with teammates, a sense of unity and encouragement filled the room.

From career milestones to personal achievements, the vision boards served as a powerful tool to clarify intentions and fuel motivation. The evening concluded with a delicious spread of burgers, fries, and drinks, providing the perfect opportunity for colleagues to bond over their shared aspirations. 

"Woah" Icebreaker Game

Rounding off the month with a burst of energy, our team engaged in the exhilarating “Woah Game,” inspired by the catchy beats of “Woah (ft D3Mstreet)” by KRYPTO9095. The rules were simple yet thrilling. Each time the word “woah” echoed through the speakers, players had to point in a direction while others attempted to evade their gestures. The winners were rewarded with refreshing milkteas, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.


As we reflect on our January events, it’s evident that Likha-iT Inc. is not just a place of work but a community built on camaraderie, support, and shared goals. By fostering an environment where employees feel connected and motivated, we pave the way for success not only in the workplace but also in their personal endeavors. With the momentum from these events propelling us forward, we eagerly anticipate the achievements and milestones that lie ahead in 2024. Here’s to a year of growth, collaboration, and reaching new heights together!